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May 31, 2009


Heather T.

*lol* You housewife of many talents, you... That one layout, the middle-sized sunshine... *sigh* What a wonderful page, and journaling.


I so needed a laugh ... thank you, Lynn! :)

justine (aka bellbird)

lol @ your egg poaching incident - totally made me smile (even if u think u have a boring post today) - great to see a LO about the totally normal, though unintentional i'm sure, kid use of the old backyard hills hoist!


Only you Lynn. :) I am loving your window series! I hope there are more to come.


LOL about the egg story. I can relate to the scrapping with a dd hanging onto one side of you. I am right handed and I can even hold my dd left hand with my right hand and do some scrapping with my left. I think that's why I am getting totally hooked on digi scrapping!

Delightful Dwelling

Beautiful layouts!

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