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May 11, 2009


Heather T.

*grins* That is sweet and hilarious and not at all depressing. Good on ya, Mum. ;)

How much for the photos??

Heather G

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and going was right what the sun ordered up for you to spend your day doing.


What a wonderful way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing the pictures and the info!!



LOVE your story ... :)

merrilee Larson

Now, that was entertaining to read, indeed! It might just be my favorite of all your blog entries, so far, although it would be impossible to pick just one as a favorite. I can't believe you had the gorgeous beach all to yourselves. Good thing the yacht did not appear until later!


Oh, this reminded me of my chat with D2 as Disney...global warming and the rain forests were our topic of conversation. I would bet that D2 has six more fans in this world (even if they do have hairy legs..lol). I would love to live in your neck of the woods and have places like this to journey too.


ack....I am so used to posting and then editing my typos and missed words, I forgot I can't do that here. :(

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