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June 28, 2009


Heather T.

OMG Lynn... I can barely manage with one of each, I don't know how you do it with two and one... I was exhausted just reading that!!


okay WHEN did you tape record the conversations at my house????? ;)

biggest hugs Lynn, I think youre amazing for all you do.
If you ever need to get away you can come here. we can go to Waitrose together ;)

Heather G

phew.. that was so well written you made me exhausted reading it!

so glad you got some uninterrupted time to work as your work is such a pleasure to my relax time.

hope you get some time to have a long, hot, relaxing bath without interruption for yourself as well.


Oh heavens Lynn, I was breathless reading this! It sounded like my house for real, I never realized it! this is great, you should make that into a page (well, maybe a shorter version) Love this and your new stuff is awesome!!!

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