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June 21, 2009



Sounds familiar! ;) It's a good thing we are so good at wearing all of those hats!

And I love what you created while you had your digital designer hat on this week! Beautiful!

Linda Motes

Very nice blog. Enjoyed reading about all the hats we wear. Good insight.

Heather G

Glad you found some time for your Designer Digitals hat.

I haven't heard of that particular Dr. Seuss book before, going to have to have a gander at it.


Oh Lynn you cracked me up with the hats and the teenagers next door!! I love your new products, that paper is awwweeeessssoooome!!!!


Lynn, I hope you never take off your designer hat (at least not for very long). The new designs you created are wonderful! Clever writing! I love thinking of the image of you taking off and replacing hats in a blur. You're the greatest. Hang in there! The problem at getting really good at juggling the hats is that you get to keep doing it!

Jen Martakis

What great kits! I too know the joy it is to juggle several hats at once. ;)

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