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August 31, 2009


Heather T.

Beautiful, Lynn!


Lynn-what my kids and I wouldn't give for matching skirts or dresses. I used to sew..not much and not well. Speaking of that..my wedding..I really need to do a page in it and find that dang photograph..

Wal-mart near me had some cool fabrics.. if you want email what you are looking for ..I will take pictures and price tags. Email them to you.

Marci Parmeley

Lynn, the new kit is gorgeous!


wow, I just used that template you used for your once upon a time page and I loved it!!! I even put that in the comments, I didn't realize you had all the extra stuff on there, like worn overlays etc. Yours looks stunning, they all do!!!

Leather Coat

Wal-mart near me had some cool fabrics..

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