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October 18, 2009


Heather T.

Well, I'm sorry about Husband(1), but you had me giggling with the legs. I've just about given up on mine!

That neighborhood looks so delightful and interesting!

merrilee Larson

more laughter....oh, you are a hoot, my friend. I've got to visit here more often. Love the photos....good for you for taking a wee bit of time off.


omg this great..lol on the shave legs..don't forget the toe nails..flip flops too


You do crack me up with those legs. If I didn't shave all through the year, that's what would happen to me! A lot of people in Europe never shave at all, we used to tease my sister that she had legs like a doe, not as shapely, but as hairy!
Love your reference about husband 1, I agree with you, one has been more than enough... great new products!

Heather G

Hehe, love the leg description. Stay safe on the death threat front & maybe he could be Husband Prime?

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