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February 15, 2010


Heather T.


But oh, that one of DN2 standing... just gorgeous. Can't believe how many pages you got done!!


This looks like such a productive weekend, even with everything going on around you! Good luck with the building works. Remember: IT IS WORTH IT..IT IS WORTH IT..IT IS WORTH IT..IT IS WORTH IT..


giggles..maybe we should take head from your daughter on how to deal with stressors...get seriously super hereoie...you know put on a goofy hat or dress ourselves. Who knows it may even change a man's attitude.

Men..enough said..hugs and kisses from my bunch to yours.


Oh, my, you've got me chuckling big time over that first photo and your comments about your DH better be careful! Seeing Maddie in her Wonder Woman outfit is a huge treat....she looks adorable in it!


I love the housewife on top and that picture..... you could send him to my house anytime, although I probably wouldn't be able to have him take his shirt off in these freezing temperatures around here :)
You new stuff is just awesome and your pages are beautiful!!!

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