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April 12, 2010


Heather T.

Adorable stuff, Lynn! I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly, though!

Raylene aka tedsgal_2453

Lynn, you surely have a funny bone! I really enjoyed reading your latest antics. Don't you think the Monday big hike is why you are stiff and sore? I hope that's all it is. The movie description was hilarious! Tell Daughter Two that my daughter had to have 8 of her baby teeth pulled, not because of sugary snacks, but she inherited her Grandmother's teeth and the baby teeth were so hard they wouldn't dissolve!! She had two rows of teeth right in front. Then when she turned 7, she had to have both eye teeth pulled because Grandmother's teeth were also very large, and there wasn't room in her 7-year-old mouthfor them! Add spacers for years and every two month check ups. Sealant doesn't sound too bad now, does it?

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