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May 16, 2010


Heather T.

Sorry about the moaning--but I *love* that kit! =)

Esther (aka blue_eyed_pea)

I totally relate!! My friends tell me that 24 is a magic age; that's when your daughter becomes your best friend. But even almost 19, my daughter is coming home from Uni and being much more thoughtful. However I swear she makes up for all of the quick showers she has to have at her hostel but monopolizing the bathroom for hours when she gets home!!!

Beth Holmes

First -- I LOVE the paper pack. It's going on my DD wish list.

Second -- I can SO relate to your struggles with messy hubby and daughter. I'm glad you moaned as it made me laugh and feel less alone! My hubby vacuums (which is terrific!) but then he leaves the vacuum out in the middle of the floor, with the cord still plugged in and the attachments laying on whatever surface is nearby!

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