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June 07, 2010



Boy you cracked me up too! What good is a holiday when you have to pick up after everybody all day long! I forced DD #2 to do her own room and she got bags of trash out of there. I told her she would not get any dinner until it was all done! I am way meaner than you! :)
I love your big hairy mistake, too funny!!! We have a tiny hairy mistake!

Beth Holmes

I am so relieved that someone else has a daughter with an incredible messy room -- I too struggle with my daughter (in vain mostly) to keep her room picked up and stuff put away. I usually do a big clean out every 6 months when we change clothes for the season. LOL


Sorry about thecleaning duties, but at least it made me laugh!
I spent the first hour after getting up this morning doing ironing, BEFORE even having breakfast...
Our queen (Beatrix of the Netherlands) has TWO birthdays as well, with her real one being in january, the country goes all orange on April 30. This used to be the Queen Mums birthday, and I guess the weather in April is a bit more likely to hold up for outdoor festivities that in January!

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