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October 15, 2010


Heather T.

Your writing makes me smile. I hope you have a great weekend, without too much fort-holding!


Make sure he gets that flu shot! And you realise it takes two weeks to be effective?
The flu season seems to have started a bit early in our neck of the woods. We had such a cool,wet summer that I think the germs got their act together early!!
Just as an aside, I got the H1N1 vaccine last year the day I came down with it! Waste of a shot, but who knew? I just had a little cough that morning . . . hahaha!


I think DD # 1's book. filled with pics when she was two. is just wonderful. I enjoyed all the pages you posted. Glad you got it completed...what a good feeling.


I love how the sun shines into your room, it looks so inviting and cozy! I always get a kick of your story-telling, you have a good sense of humor (I guess you have to) Your pages are wonderful as always. Enjoy the plays! :)

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